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We are an Oregon asphalt paving and chip seal company. When it comes to asphalt paving or chip seal in the northwest not just anybody can (or is willing to) do it properly. Several factors are taken into consideration such as:

  •  Drainage: If the proposed asphalt project doesn’t drain properly the base will fail. This means the rock will sink into the mud/dirt it is placed on. The base will eventually work its way to the surface causing ruts and potholes. Learn more….
  • Base material: What condition is the base rock (gravel) we are working with? If we pave over really loose rock or too big of rock this can alter the life of the asphalt driveway. Loose base material can move around (even with asphalt covering it) causing cracks to start on the surface and eventually unravel the asphalt. This will result in potholes and sunken areas in your driveway or parking lot.
  • Asphalt material: Determining the type of asphalt to be used for each application depends on where we are installing the asphalt. If you want to have a tight pretty surface we will use a finer material. If structural integrity is what you are after then we use a more coarse asphalt material. For light residential applications a finer material will be used. If you will have a constant barrage of heavy traffic we will need to use heavier/course material.  

We stand behind our work and state that in writing on every contract. Quality is our #1 goal. Estimates are free, and usually, we can work up a price before we leave your property. Oftentimes (thanks to new technology) we can even measure your project using an app on our phones or tablets. 

We are both an asphalt and chip seal contractor. Asphalt paving can be done all year as long as the weather cooperates. We are fair weather pavers for the most part. We typically will not pave in the rain. A lot of paving contractors in Oregon choose to pave in the rain but the outcome usually can result in inferior finished product as the rain cools the asphalt too fast and makes it hard to work with and compact. 

Call and request your free no-obligation quote. We can usually get you a cost for paving a driveway within a day or so. Oftentimes we can ballpark paving prices over the phone.

Asphalt Paving Process

As a local Oregon asphalt paving company whose reputation means the world to us, our guarantee is that we will provide you as the consumer with a professional experience from start to finish. Our professionalism when it comes to giving you the best final product is unsurpassed. We stand behind our work and only provide quality service and construction. Our company-wide commitment to quality means that our entire team – from sales to construction – is dedicated to designing a parking lot or driveway that you’ll be proud to own.

Driveway Paving Near You

Custom driveways, both with hot mix asphalt or chip seal are our specialty. We make designing driveway and constructing your paving project easy. Together we can take the picture that you have in your mind and put it on the ground. We have been designing and paving driveways, paths, walkways, and parking lots for decades. Rest assured the job will get done right the first time.

Professional Asphalt Paving Near You

  • We have a no-pressure sales team and won’t try to trick you into paying for asphalt you do not need. Asphalt paving costs will vary from job to job. There is no set price per square foot for asphalt. Get a free bid today.
  • We have references to back up our claims of excellent paving contractors.
  • We have decades of experience under our belts.
  • Our CCB#207044 feel free to check us out with the Oregon Construction Contractors Board
  • We don’t knock on doors telling people we have left over asphalt. (This is a real thing google it) 
  • We will give you a firm price for paving your project before we start the project.

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